About Us

UDS company is one of the leading companies in it's field of competence and is amember of National Air Filteration Association (NAFA) base in Wisconsin / USA.

-Member of the International Association of Turbine Inlet Cooling Association ( TICA).

The company is engaged in the desige , suppling and implementation of all types of systems associated with Gas Turbines and include 

1- Pulse cleaning systems for Cartridge Filter.

2- Exhust system including :

  a- Expansion joint.

  b- Gasket material.

  c- Chimney insulationn ceramic fiber and hardware kits.

  d- Diverter damper for combined cycle .

3- Gas turbine air intake cooling

  a- Chilling System.

  b- Media cooling.

  c- Fogging system.

4- Water purification system.

  a- RO system.

  b- RO/EDI system.