Freight and Charter Management

UDS specializes in domestic and international freight forwarding. UDS has a proven track record delivering goods to hostile and remote locations. We have partnerships with many Land, Air and Ocean freight forwarding companies worldwide that provide door to door delivery – protected – insured- and on time service. Volume transportation of goods allows UDS to offer cost effective shipping solutions. Our freight management teams are experts in import/export laws, Federal and International regulations, temporary export, and end-user certifications.


UDS has a team of top notch private pilots and large yacht sea captains for temporary to permanent hire. All of your Captains/Pilots come from experienced backgrounds, heavy travel time, and have rave past client reviews. Many of our service professional have work in hostile and war time conditions. The goal of delivering people and product to end destination safely is our number one goal.


UDS has branched into Aircraft and Yacht international transportation and delivery. This niche market has provided a new line of revenue for UDS. We are able to provide quotes you can count on, ultra personalized concierge services, and the guarantee that your Aircraft/Yacht will be waiting for you at your destination.